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Welcome to the Everywhen and Then Again Contest.

Everywhen and Then Again is a fragrant mystery/love story.

The contest is a buy one, get one free contest.  Each contestant must look at a series of 10 videos (some reviews and some slideshows created by Vincent of Dreamhouse, to GUESS what the notes in the fragrance are.  There are 10 notes in the fragrance.  There will be 10 videos/chapters, one released per day.  Each video will represent a note that you have to guess, some hints will be subtle, some not so subtle.  Oh…and there will also be one extra video for you to solve the mystery…

There will be one winner and one GRAND PRIZE winner.  The winner will receive an extra bottle of their choice.  The grand prize winner will get a bottle of their choice PLUS a sample pack of future Ikiryo releases (I Have Brought You Flowers, In the m’Oud, Je Peux Rever and Beija-Flor), a framed panel of one of the Everywhen drawings AND a pair of pink leather arm bracers designed and made by Vincent of Dreamhouse himself, originally intended for an Everywhen photoshoot.


The video line-up will consist of:

Chapter 1:          Sarah Mayes

Chapter 2:         Website       

Chapter 3:         Luuluu      

Chapter 4:         Website    

Chapter 5:         Lolascents  

Chapter 6:         Website            

Chapter 7:         Perfumology         

Chapter 8:         Website           

Chapter 9:         Sarah Mayes

Chapter 10:       Website     


Questions to think about for the solution:

Where did Kai'a go and why did he suddenly reappear...?

Why was Xira so disheveled when she returned to the hut...what happened to her...?

The finale will be posted once the sale is over...


Finale:            Website               Will be posted June 4th...


To enter the contest,

1) view all 10 videos linked on the Ikiryo website.  There will be two posted per day over the period of 5 days.

2) simply make a purchase during the buy one, get one free sale.  The sale will begin on the final day of the video releases.

3) in the comments section at checkout, enter your choice of free bottle, choice of free bottle should you win and choice of free sample.  IMPORTANT NOTE: send your guesses of the notes in the fragrance and outcome/finale to along with your full name and order number.

To win, each person must guess the notes of the fragrance based on hints in each chapter.   And for the “grand prize”, you must guess the outcome of the story.  One winner will be drawn if there is more than 1 correct answer.

Winners will be announced the week after the end of the sale, which ends 11:59pm June 3rd, 2023.


The scent itself is among the most beautiful masculine scents Vincent has ever created.  An ethereal beauty that makes one feel as though they are engulfed in fog covered wisteria vine, the woods wrapping around your limbs and the wisteria petals caressing your skin…

…Everywhen and Then Again.

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