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Like Je Peux Rêver, has sat on Vincent’s shelf for nearly six years, waiting for the day that it is released.  Sorry, but this is going to be a mouthful to pronounce: “Même Les Anges Peuvent Rêver”.  (Phoenetically, it is pronounced “mim lays onj pav ree-vay”.)  It was created to be part of a series (along with Je Peux Rêver and others) called “Beaux Reves” (French for “beautiful dreams”) but was scrapped when Tom Ford released “Beau de Jour” so as not to appear to capitalize on the term “beaux/beau”.

“Même Les Anges Peuvent Rêver” (French for “Even Angels Can Dream”) can be seen as the older brother to “Drifting”.  Those familiar with it, imagine the lavender note in “Drifting” replaced with the fougere elegance of treemoss and oakmoss.  “Même Les Anges Peuvent Rêver” leans more on the romantic masculine side.  Not necessarily a man of romance, per se, but a poetic, creative and unique renaissance man.  However, it would be equally at home on a daring and expressive lady…

Même Les Anges Peuvent Rêver (Even Angels Can Dream)

            Tobacco, honey, musk, buddah’s hand, oakmoss, magnolia

65-35 masculine

Même Les Anges Peuvent Rêver

SKU: 131383
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