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Announcing two Halloween releases, one Jan. 28th release and Three Valentine's Day releases.



Halloween will herald the release of two fragrances that have been in on-again-off-again development stages since Vincent began perfumery.
Inspired by the song of the same name by the band Lycia, “Drifting” is a scent long in the making/development. After various formulations, Vincent decided to challenge himself and make a scent with the central focus on an ingredient he does not normally work with: lavender. The result is an ethereal cloud one can only imagine drifting upon, let alone, wearing it.

Lavender, peru balsam, hedione, white musk

Another scent long in development, Yukion’na is Vincent’s homage to the Japanese fable of the snow ghost “Yukion’na” (or “Woman of the Snow”). For her olfactory representation, Vincent imagined walking deep into a dark Japanese forest in the dead of Winter...

Snow pine, hiba, incense, tangerine, patchouli, chrysanthumum, black musk, juniper berry, yuzu

January 28, 2022

Evelyn Cecile - Enamoured

Vincent’s mother passed away April 30th, 2016.  One of her wishes before she passed away a few months earlier was that a scent be created and named after her.  “Evelyn Cecile” (her first and middle name was Evelyn Cecilia) is his homage to his mother and his way of saying “she lives on” with this fragrance.  January 28th is her birth date.

This is the first in a trio of scents that will be released using the name “Evelyn Cecile”.  The other two will be “Enraptured” (see below) and “Enchanted” (TBD).

“Evelyn Cecile-‘Enamored’” is a tropical gourmand…

Macaroon, bellini, white tea, pink pepper, clove, crème brulèe, white


A few years ago, Vincent tried for the first time a new type of chocolate called “ruby chocolate”. This recently developed chocolate is considered the fourth type of chocolate behind milk, dark and white. The taste immediately made a big impression on Vincent and he instantly began translating the taste to smell. This beautifully tart chocolate scent is the result of his experiments.

Black dahlia, cherry cordial, peru balsam, iris, ambroxan, musk, amber, pink pepper

Anaea Archidona
Inspired by the Deadleaf Butterfly and the beautiful scents and visuals that autumn creates, Anaea Archidona is a warm and sweet, woody-spicy scent.
The Deadleaf Butterfly is known for its wings resembling that of dead leaves and it is able to camouflage itself amongst them. “Anaea Archidona” is its scientific name.
Vincent obtained a taxidermied Deadleaf and looking at it, he began developing a scent inspired by its markings. All the photography associated with this release features this same butterfly.
“Anaea Archidona” is a hallmark release for Ikiryō and the Dreamhouse umbrella: it will accompany/be a part of the release of a short film by the new Dreamhouse production company, nyctOphelia.

Dead leaves, autumn leaves, autumn spice, black amber, bayberry, magnolia, sandalwood, peach

Bees and Butterflies

Bees and Butterflies is inspired by a story Vincent wrote that is more or less an adult’s fairy tale about a bee (female) that falls in love with a butterfly (a male) with a moral at the end.  The fragrance will combine elements associated with both bees and butterflies such as honey, beeswax, nectar, magnolia and pollen. 

A short film, intended to be a dance film, is in development to accompany this scent.

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