"When a Sleepwalker Dreams"


Each fragrance is now 2 oz. and has its own book containing stories, photographs and costume design by Dreamhouse...the parent/umbrella company to Ikiryō.  Each book is paperback and features storylines that are tied in to there respective fragrances.  These are NOT sold separately.

"These Three"

The "These Three" series is a collection of three fragrances with one theme that unifies them.  For instance, "These Psychedelic Three" which was inspired by the summer of 1967, the Summer of Love.  Each fragrance is a 60ml/2 oz. bottle and comes in a wooden box.


The "Profiles" series is a series based on historical figures, mythological figures and popular fictional characters.  Fragrance profiles are created for various characters such as Medusa, Anne Boleyn, Louis XV, Heka and Adrienne Lecouvreur.  


Ikiryō does NOT ship to Russia or Belarus nor provide samples for free. 

Other international orders must contact Ikiryō FIRST before placing an order.

Once an order is placed, you accept all risk and responsibility.

Once an overseas order has been shipped and a tracking number provided, Ikiryō is no longer responsible.

A separate shipping fee must be paid for all international orders.  There are two links provided at the bottom of the products list

Due to high shipping costs, sample packs are only available to ship to Canada and the US.

All bottles and packaging are handmade/crafted upon order.  Therefore Ikiryō does not accept any returns once an item has been opened, 


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