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Message from Vincent…

"Carnival in Venice" (working title)

It has been a goal of mine to go to Carnival in Venice.  To mark this occasion, I have decided to create a documentary about Carnival.  Initially intended to be more socially oriented, meeting someone absolutely vital and synonymous with Carnival as it is today as well as four figures who are among the most popular Carnival goers have shifted its gears, though social elements will still be explored.

Among the social issues to explore are:

The “Anti-Carnival” crowd.  There are many residents of Venice who fight to ban Carnival.  Among them are people who lived in Venice prior to Carnival being legalized again in 1979 after being banned for so many years.

Covid.  How did Venice deal with Covid.  Carnival brings a good chunk of commerce to the city.  Did the city suffer when it was cancelled in 2021…?

Flooding.  How does the city handle flooding during Carnival…?

La Fenice (the city’s opera company).  Does Carnival affect them…?  Do they go hand in hand…?.

Traditions.  Are there families who, as with bridal dresses and/or accessories, pass down costumes within families from generation to generation…or even year to year…?

But the main focus will be on preparation for Carnival.  And the central figure in this documentary will be Antonia Sautter, creative/artistic director of Il Ballo del Doge, Venice’s most lavish and grandest ball, staged on one evening, rivaling and perhaps surpassing the opulence of any Cirque du Soleil performance.  Also featured will be the Rose Sisters.  Three sisters from Dusseldorf who have become legendary due to their own lavish costumes.  Then there is another figure: Paolo Favalesi.  Paolo himself has among the most lavish costumes in Carnival and is certainly the most popular male figure.


Antonia Sautter

In the heart of San Marco, there is a magical place that smells like damask and velvet. Where pearls, crystals, Venetian silks, jewelry bags, embroidered shoes and diva stoles meet and create combinations of clothing and accessories for having a special night. This fairytale is a boutique and is the entrance to the world of Antonia Sautter, costume and fashion designer and creator of “Il Ballo del Doge”.

Antonia is a creative person with a vivid imagination much like my own.  It was an honor sitting down with her for an hour and bonding over our creative drives.  She designs by hand beautiful fabrics with wood material she invents, and therefore creates infinite combinations of patterns that make each piece a unique work of art.

From Ballo del Doge website:

“Il Ballo del Doge is the most lavish costume party of the Venice Carnival.

Il Ballo del Doge is a festive masquerade, a refined society gala, an opulent banquet and an astonishing show. All this and much more…

Il Ballo del Doge is an intriguing collective game, orchestrated by the Venetian Antonia Sautter, charming stylist and world-famous luxury event planner, which has always taken place in the dreamlike setting of a Venetian palace.

Il Ballo del Doge is a flight of fancy, a triumph of the senses, the luxury of inhabiting a beautiful dream that lasts an entire night. Il Ballo del Doge is a kind of magic!

Il Ballo del Doge is the most exclusive international event of the Venetian Carnival, in which all the guests participate in splendid costumes of sartorial excellence wearing typical Venetian masks.

Il Ballo del Doge is a memorable, one-of-a-life experience that will enchant all your senses.

Are you ready to dream?”






Antonia, center, introducing her performers…























The Rose Sisters

Over the past several years, the Rose Sisters, Mona, Annette and Inis, have appeared at the Carnival in some of the most lavish costumes, all with a similar theme, year by year.  From Dusseldorf, these ladies have achieved legendary status and have been the subjects of multiple booked photoshoots with various photographers and have since been the “poster children” for various advertisements on Carnival in Venice.

In addition to the interview, I will be renting a palace-like apartment to photograph them…

The Rose Sisters, from left to right: Annette, Mona and Inis…Carnival 2019…




Inis, Mona and Annette…Carnival 2018




Carnival 2020, Mona, Annette and Inis…





Paolo Favalesi

Another person to focus on will be Paolo Favalesi. 

IF he happens to be walking around Piazza San Marco, it will NOT be difficult to find him.  Just look for the tallest, most ostentatious costume and it will most likely be him.  Feathers are a prominent fixture of his costume as I have heard people who do not know his name mention him as the “feather guy”.  He is another person who is often the subject of photoshoots and adverts in Venice and has been a frequent winner of Best Costume contests of Carnival...




Carnival 2022…



















An advert featuring Paolo…

Carnival 2023…

Message from Angela

Hello…I am Angela.  I am a model from Romania now living in The Netherlands.

I am working with Vincent of Dreamhouse and we are in the process of putting together a documentary on Carnival in Venice.  This documentary will follow three sets of people on their creative odysseys towards Carnival.  In addition, a big focal point will also be on Il Ballo del Doge…and THEIR creative odyssey towards their magnificent ball.

The documentary will also be addressing issues such as:


How Venice dealt with Covid…?

How Venice deals with flooding during Carnival…?

Does the opera work hand in hand with the opera…?

The anti-Carnival crowd…


Vincent and I are proud to be minorities working together and bringing our talents and creative energies to Carnival.  Vincent is a very talented artist and is creating costumes and masks which will be incorporated into this documentary.  When we are half a world away or working together in person, I not only help him to formulate his ideas and creations but I model for him as well.


To see the preview reel, visit here:


For all of our pledging donors (starting at $25US/25EUR), we are offering the following:



Level 1: $25 - $99                     Sample of Dreamlover perfume

Level 2: $100 - $249                 Hand decorated half- mask

Level 3: $250 - $999                Custom made Carnival mask or                                                      custom leather arm bracers with                                                      flashlights

Level 4: $1,000-$4999              Custom made Carnival Mask and                                                    headpiece

Level 5: $5,000                       Custom made Carnival Mask and                                                    headpiece made with genuine                                                        macaw feathers


There are four styles of levels 3 and 4 as well as 3 styles of headpieces of level 4 to choose from.

Custom masks of levels 3 and 4 are all created from scratch.  Each person making a pledge will be consulted and will have a choice of customization with regards to color scheme. 

Custom masks and headpieces of level 4 are all created from scratch.  Each person making a pledge will be consulted and will have a choice of customization with regards to color scheme. 

Masks and Headpieces can be viewed HERE

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