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"The Willy Wonka of Perfumery" 
     Claire, aka Smurfygirly on YouTube



          ...Vincent of Dreamhouse

"Imagine Tim Burton if he were to become a photo editor, make-up artist, a hair-stylist, photographer and costume designer…as well as still being a director…"


I encompass a broad range of mediums such as dance, drama, photography, costume design, set design, lighting design, film, infra-red visuals, even computer generated images (CGI…used to create special effects in films).  Because of my diversity, it is impossible to select just one category for myself.   I write all of the shooting scripts, design and make all of the costumes, I do all of the hair and make-up, I do all of the photography and all of the post edit.  And I am my own perfumer.  I wear many hats/guises: Dreamhouse-my overall "hat"...Otto Phokus-my photographer's "hat"... Ikiryō-my perfumery "hat".  And Eidolan, my filmmaker's hat.  I am basically a one man show.

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