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agDlenawrikm, from the nyctOphelia series...

Pronounced “Dreamwalking”, agDlenawrikm is another scent which will be a part of a film project of the same name and which will also include two more fragrances.

It is said that we cannot read in our dreams as reading and dreams are from two different portions of the brain.  Though you may think you are reading, it is your mind dictating what you are reading.  The film will explore a horticulturist’s dream.  One of the roses she develops she names “agDlenawrikm”, the word “Dreamwalking” with its letters shuffled around.


agDlenaWrikm (Dreamwalking)

Rose de Mai, damask rose, lemon, lily of the valley, nightshade, grenadine, tree moss, ambroxan, white musk, red current, frangipani,


85-15 Feminine


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