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Anaea Archidona, from the nyctOphelia series...                                                                                               

Inspired by the Deadleaf Butterfly and the beautiful scents and visuals that autumn creates, Anaea Archidona is a warm and sweet, woody-spicy scent. 

The Deadleaf Butterfly is known for its wings resembling that of dead leaves and it is able to camouflage itself amongst them.  “Anaea Archidona” is its scientific name.

Vincent obtained a taxidermied Deadleaf and looking at it, he began developing a scent inspired by its markings.  All the photography associated with this release features this same butterfly.


Anaea Archidona                                                                                               

Dead leaves, autumn leaves, autumn spice, black amber, bayberry, magnolia, sandalwood, peach


60-40 masculine

Anaea Archidona

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