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January of 2017 saw the release of a series by Ikiryo called the “These Three”. Each package contained 3 different fragrances in 10ML bottles. Each one was represented by historical figures, whom also tied into the theme of each prospective “These Three” the release.

The inaugural release, “These Sinful Three” featured fragrances which will contained (among others) notes of “grown-up vices”. “Vanilla Opi-oud” (represented by Lucrezia Borgia) featured opium and amaretto, “Blood Cherry Cordial” (represented by Elizabeth Bathory) featured cognac and “AppleRum and Jasmine” (represented by Anita Berber) featured rum.

“Vanilla Opi-oud” was released a a limited run in 2022, “Blood Cherry Cordial” continues to thrive as one of Ikiryo’s most popular releases and now “AppleRum and Jasmine” will have a limited release. 


AppleRum and Jasmine (Anita Berber)

Apple, ebony, musk, jasmine, lychee, green apple, tonka, rum, immortele


65%-35% feminine

AppleRum and Jasmine

SKU: 131370
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