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When it was created, it reminded Vincent somewhat of Bees and Butterflies.  So the original intention was to have a follow-up to Bees and Butterflies and call it Bees and Flowers.  However, a few days later, while filming an interview for a documentary, a hummingbird flew up and posed behind the head of his interview subject for a second.  When Vincent showed the video to a Brazilian friend, he exclaimed “beija-flor!!!”.  He then explained that that is what they call hummingbirds in Brazil and the name literally translates as “flower kisser”. 

The scent is Vincent's fragrant celebration of the warmth of life and further proof of his love of flowers...

Beija-Flor: Honeysuckle, jasmine, milk, coconut 

85-15 Feminine


SKU: 131375
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