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In San Francisco, in the year 1935, a distraught man sits in a café.  He drinks a relatively new drink to the area called “masala chai”, losing himself within himself with every sip he takes.  A hand appears out of nowhere, resting itself upon his shoulder.  He looks up to see a woman, gypsy-like in appearance, with a handful of flowers.  In a soothing voice, she says to him “try not to be so crestfallen…smelling a nosegay of fresh carnations is said to relieve a breaking heart…”  She sits the bunch of carnations next to his drink.  Looking at the flowers he looks to be holding back his emotions.  He sips his chai then picks up the carnations to smell them.  He then turns to thank the lady…but she has disappeared…

Crestfallen: A Fragrant Mystery: Masala chai, carnation

60/40 masculine

Crestfallen: A Fragrant Mystery...

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