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Both “Coralie” and “Je Te Veux” were created as part of a series of scents connected to a murder mystery set in 1929 Vincent wrote, both being vital parts to the story.  “Coralie” is the name of one of the lead characters, an actress from the silent era whose star is fading.  And “Je Te Veux” (French for “I want you”) being a song a man sings to himself whenever he sets eyes on a woman he is smitten with. (“Je Te Veux” is a French song from the 1920’s)  It was created to be a romantic scent for men.


Je Te Veux: Opium, vanilla, magnolia, ambrette, incense, musk, brandy, sandalwood, woody notes, peru balsam, nutmeg, rose

60-40 masculine

Je Te Veux

SKU: 131369
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