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Valentine’s Day 2017 heralds the release of Ikiryo’s "Cœurs Sombres" trilogy which features a feminine scent, “Succubus”, a masculine scent, “Incubus” and a unisex scent, “Magie Sexualle”.  The romantic scent of vanilla is given the Ikiryo treatment in all three fragrances by bringing out the dark passion it can be known to project…and surrounding it with mischievous, sensual and stimulating notes.  “Incubus” features the note of schizandra, which is a known sexual stimulant amongst herbalists.  “Magie Sexualle” contains the note of spikenard, which is used in sex magick practices.  While “Succubus” has the note of pitahaya, or as it is known more commonly, dragon fruit, which itself has been known to be a sexual stimulant.


Magie Sexuelle

Olibanum, oud, raspberry, jasmine, amber, benzoin, cashmeran, apricot, vanilla, schizandra, tonka, spikenard, whiskey

Magie Sexualle

SKU: 131317
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